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Holandski farmeri sokirali svijet
23. mart 2023. u 20.13
Holandski farmeri sokirali svijet...
uzvracaju udarac globalistickim „filantropima”:

Dutch Farmers SHOCK THE WORLD! Bad news for Trudeau

Last week, Dutch Farmers shocked the world and defeated Dutch PM Mark Rutte’s governing party in the Senate elections. International legacy media outlets are describing the Farmer-Citizens Movement victory as a ‘political earthquake’ that has sent shockwaves throughout the Western world.

In the wake of Canada’s Freedom Convoy last year, Dutch farmers rose up in historic numbers to protest nitrogen emissions reduction targets forced on them by the Dutch government. If farmers didn’t comply with Rutte’s heavy-handed emissions restrictions, the Dutch government was threatening to nationalize their farms.

Thanks to exclusive True North reporting, we know that the Trudeau government has taken inspiration from Rutte’s emissions reduction scheme and seeks to mirror those same policies here in Canada. This result may make him think twice.

(historia est mater of studioru)
24. mart 2023. u 03.27
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