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Yotaphone - smartphone&e-reader
(Ma, nista...)
15. februar 2013. u 04.59
Да ли се Yotaphone појавио у продаји?

No, this is not some marketing gimmick dreamt up by Disney to promote the upcoming Star Wars film. The YotaPhone is a combination between a smartphone and an e-reader. We know what you're thinking: Can't all smartphones be e-readers? No. The YotaPhone literally has an E-Ink display on its back that mirrors anything on the real screen. The E-Ink display can run even when the battery dies, allowing you to store things on it like directions or messages that you may need throughout the day.”

Добар приказ Yotaphona на youtubu -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wAKFc_hFN0
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