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Risen -915
(svratio samo na 5 minuta)
2023-09-29 07:44 AM

Reno 4 u svijetu aviona. ;)

In Economy-Flight Mode:

It can travel some 3,000 miles in a bit more 20 hours while maintaining some 150 MPH at 12,000′. It will burn through some 46 gallons of automotive fuel (because we’re burning fuel more slowly, we can use more of the tankage and still have sufficient reserve), for a fuel cost of about $207. This works out to about 65 MPH, or an automotive equivalent of some 87 MPG.
2024-02-18 11:38 PM
Ovaj bi bio bolji:

Cruise Speed
275 mph
Stall Speed
70 mph
Rate of Climb
2500 ft/min
UL Power UL520iS
Fuel Capacity
77 US gallons
18 ft
G Loading
Normal Category
Landing Gear
Tricycle Retractable
Range at 275 mph
1700 sm
Useful Load
750 lb
Empty Weight
750 lb
200 hp
23 ft 5 in
Cockpit Width
43 in
Wing Area
66 ft2
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