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08. decembar 2013. u 15.58
...for smiley face
if you agree i`ll tell you this like this,its better as you`l see..
I really like to go there its high class Therme,and i specially love
to calm down with underwater music,if you know what i mean..if you,by
chance never did it ,its high time to do it,now i gonna tell ya what happend to me just yesterday,i was laying in water as usual,listening
that wonder of cam music,when they started to play a tune very well known to me,i didnt really believed that they will have ever courage
to play something that smooth and sugestive,so listen to the tune...


not to believe,but i Tell ya ,i was amused,my mind was running like a rocket,searching for impressions and some memories,and you know what..
you know what ? i grew,i fuckin grew,in my mind and else,and i had to stop it ,so i did...there were only few people around ,phhh
if you need to know where to go just ask,:)

pls this concer only single person,so don`t comment pls
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08. decembar 2013. u 16.12

btw..at the time i listen to things like this..
and this,:)
this last you have to listen on your homebike,fixing that eyes in front of you,i guarantee you ,you`ll be exsosted but happy(if you follow the rythm,lol

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08. decembar 2013. u 16.27

Spiram te sa koze,
Sa minulih leta,
Miris hladnog limuna,
Zelen martovski prhut,
Iskasljavam te,
Talog ispod jezika,
Vreo sljunak u krvi,
Ljustim te sa nokata
Oštrim nozem kajacem
Nema te, nema te,
Nema te.
Reci te se odricu i
u laz me ususkuju,
Nisi postojala
sem u pesmama, nisi
postojala ni toliko
da bi se pomirili
sa isceznucem,
Istresam te iz dzepova
starih kosulja,
Struzem te okom
sa fotografija
Stresam te sa kose,
Davni prosinacki sneg,
Proklinjem pesme
u kojima stanujes,
jedes, spavas, umivas se,
Sve bih ti oprostio
samo da te ima,
Da ima krvi u tebi.
Srce od najfinijeg drveta
izvajao bih i pod rebra
ti ga sakrio,
More bih ti u san
Vetrovi bi ti bili pokorni,
Kisama bih te uspavljivao,
Samo da te ima
imalo izvan reci,
Samo da postojis.
Kako ćeš i ovu
Molitvu citati
Ako te nema
Ako uporno tvrdis
Da te nema,
Da sam te
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14. decembar 2013. u 15.48
(you can`t touch this)
18. decembar 2013. u 17.20

458.665.738 puta odsvirano kruvtihebem,el mogutje?

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23. decembar 2013. u 11.30
..hmmmm,consider this here as mirroring of society selfdestruction process in few steps (lets say each step aprox.one decade)which we are
watching ,doing nothing to stop madness of weed consumer idiots...
but somehow looks all that shit cool,dont you think so?insane

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01. januar 2014. u 18.50
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