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Koji pluginovi za ps15 su najbolji?
(poke, mem, kill)
03. април 2020. у 16.14
jel ima neki sajt za drvo, vodu i sl. a da se neplaca. za raw znam.
(poke, mem, kill)
08. мај 2020. у 20.29
radio sam i lisce u corelu pre 18-e, hehe. pa, mogu i oblaci, cvece, sve zivo... plocice. raw je manje vise ok i na 15-ići i tone prava stvar na njemu, samo... color retko, samo kada mora. isprobah i acdsee 2020, sto da ne... pocnes, jscript, vratis se za mreze. pre je bila fora kako javascript automatski podesiti na 1024 da se razvlaci i sada sasvim skoro drugaciji... jpg kod fotoaparata radi autokorekciju boja, mada... ipak raw... brate, možeš li da mi pomognes oko ovih 2d animacijaaa, idi bre, blok... nisam znao da si dobio slog, ortak mi prati kinga.
11. април 2021. у 06.44
Hile, Gunslingers, thank you very much for joining us, we are very happy and very honored. :)
So, how are you, what`s going on i your lives? I`m sitting here in the dark, it`s only 6.30 AM, EST and am listening to some wild thrash metal, I mean, not too many bands out there are wilder than Slayer.
I`m a metalhead my whole life and there are 3 things (besides my wife and daughter) where I can find solace when I feel bad - some good rock/metal, a book (obviously) and, believe it or not, working out.
The sweat streaming down my face is THE best antidepressant ever, at least for me. I get so tired of chasing my old records, when I do cardio on the stat bike or the elliptical, trying to top them, that, at least for a while, I simply can`t think of anything else, it`s being „in the zone”.
And I need all these distractions in my life right now, as all of you do as well. It`s depressing seeing what our lives have become, that we got so used to, or maybe scared of it all, that we carry the mask even when nobody is around us, when taking out the trash, for instance, just outside the building or driving in your car, alone, for an hour or more.
The fear seems to getting into our DNA, no one is relaxed anymore, quite the contrary, you go to shop for groceries and everybody is nervous, it`s hard to do the social distancing, people curse and try to elbow their way through and I have seen security taking care of such individuals more than once.

The shelves are also ghastly empty and it reminds me of my old country, ex-Yugoslavia, when the civil war as raging on and you couldn`t buy coffee, sugar, flour to make bread, when a single pack of smokes was going for a HUNDRED dollars, which would now be the equivalent of about $500.
Depressing, totally and honestly.

So, I bury my head into books and listen to music, or play my guitar and make music myself. I`m not as great as Angus Young, let`s say, but it`s better to hear me play than sing. When your own mother tells you that she loves you more than life itself, but if I could please just whistle and not sing, then you know that you are really bad.

How about you, what are you doing to beat the blues, what are you reading, what are some of your favorite bands and singers?
I will finish off this greeting to you with a fitting quote by the master:
„You couldn't not like someone who liked the guitar.”
― Stephen King, The Stand
I hope you are well, thanks again for being here with us and take care of yourself and your loved ones. <3

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