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Cage, Nicolas
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06. јун 2018. у 14.26
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Nicolas Cage
photo: Kristin Standafer, license cc-by-sa-2.0
American actor and noted family, the son of August Coppola, a professor of comparative literature and dancer Joy Vogelsang. He was born with that certain something that the camera captures, that invisible magic that makes him impossible to ignore, that makes him hauntingly memorable. From the beginning of his career he was described as a „punk hunk,” with „endearingly dopey sexuality.”

The youngest of three sons, he was six when his mom began having mental health problems with which she spent years at a time in institutional therapy. He was 12 when his folks divorced and he went to live with his uncle Francis in northern California. Angry and hitter, a hyper kid, he was always the weirdo, the kid who was not picked to be on the team. „I had a lot of difficulty making sense out of life,” he said. By 15 he was acting in local theater and TV roles, usually playing punk and crazy guys, turbulent, outsider roles. He gained a reputation in the '80s as wild and weird, going through his problem period with drugs and alcohol and one-night stands.

In film, he played in „Raising Arizona,” „Firebirds,” „Wild at Heart,” and „Moonstruck,” 1987, in which he made a memorable, passionate impact. On 3/25/1996 he received an Oscar as Best Actor for „Leaving Las Vegas.” His sixth movie in two years, „Snake Eyes,” opened in August 1998.

Cage broke up with his girl friend of the prior four years, Jenny Wright, in 1987. He and his girl friend, actress Christina Fulton had a son for whom they share custody, Weston, born on 12/26/1990, Los Angeles. After eight years friendship with actress Patricia Arquette, they married 4/27/1995. They had first met in 1987 and at that time, went together for three weeks before their scene faded. Over the years they kept in touch while each had a child with someone else. Neither being conventional, they bought a castle in Hollywood as their home. They separated in April 1995 and Cage filed for divorce 2/24/2000, stating irreconcilable differences. Six weeks later he withdrew the petition, 3/01/2000, but Arquette opted to end their five-year marriage by filing papers on 11/17/2000, Los Angeles.

Cage met Lisa Marie Presley in October 2000 at a private party where they were seen chatting amiably. They went public with their romance in May 2001, two months after she broke up with Oszajca. They both enjoy sailing along with their combined kids and divide their time between their Bel-Air homes. They married in Hawaii on 8/10/2002. Presley and Cage married in Hawaii on 8/10/2002, lasting nearly a full four months before Nic filed for divorce, 11/26/2002.

The 40-year-old actor eloped with 20-year old Alice Kim, and they married on July 30, 2004 in northern California without any family or friends in attendance at the wedding. This is his third marriage.
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10. јун 2018. у 18.42
kakvo odvratno vreme... ko nije kriv.
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10. јун 2018. у 19.08
razmišljam da ideja iz filma 7en ili saw 2 i nije tako losa, mada izgleda da nisam vise za bicikl.
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10. јун 2018. у 19.25
nešto me nervira kad saljem visem poruka za redom , ali...


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12. јун 2018. у 16.49
bili smo zajedno 12.000 godina
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12. јун 2018. у 17.00
vucicu psujem ti milicu u usta
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14. јун 2018. у 13.44
Alizée - La Isla Bonita


dodji na cabal
29. новембар 2018. у 17.24
Vaš muzički ukus ne zavisi samo od znaka i podznaka u kojem ste rođeni, već i od pozicija Meseca i Venere koji u astrologiji, između ostalog, simbolizuju inspiraciju, maštu, umetnost i muziku. Stari narodi su posmatrali svet oko sebe, uočavali i beležili promene prirode i pokušavali da predvide prirodu i utvrde neke zakonitosti. U gotovo svim narodima utemeljilo se verovanje da su planete i zvezde simboli bogova ili drugih natprirodnih sila koje kontrolišu njihove živote.
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