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22. октобар 2017. у 14.05
text iz many lives many masters brian weissa koji je prodat u 1.5 miliona primeraka, o prošlim zivotima.

„I see white steps leading up to a building, a big white
building with pillars, open in front. There are no doorways.
I'm wearing a long dress .. . a sack made of rough material.
My hair is braided, long blond hair.”
I was confused. I wasn't sure what was happening. I asked
her what the year was, what her name was. „Aronda .. . I
am eighteen. I see a marketplace in front of the building.
There are baskets. . . . You carry the baskets on your shoulders.
We live in a valley. . . . There is no water. The year
is 1863 B.C. The area is barren, hot, and sandy. There is a well,
5 2
5 2 Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
no rivers. Water comes into the valley from the mountains.”
After she related more topographical details, I told her to
go several years ahead in time and to tell me what she saw.
„There are trees and a stone road. I see a fire with cooking.
My hair is blond. I'm wearing a long, coarse brown dress and
sandals. I am twenty-five. I have a girl child whose name is
Cleastra. . . . She's Rachel. [Rachel is presently her niece;
they have always had an extremely close relationship.] It's
very hot.”
„There are big waves knocking down trees. There's no place
to run. It's cold; the water is cold. I have to save my baby, but
I cannot . . . just have to hold her tight. I drown; the water
chokes me. I can't breathe, can't swallow . . . salty water.
My baby is torn out of my arms.” Catherine was gasping and
having difficulty breathing. Suddenly her body relaxed completely,
and her breathing became deep and even.
„I see clouds. . . . My baby is with me. And others from
my village. I see my brother.”
23. октобар 2017. у 10.18
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