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Konferencija posvecena Tesli u NYC od 5 do 7 janua
01. јануар 2013. у 02.18
http://teslasciencefoundation.org pored konnferencije;
Badnje vece u nasoj Crkvi Sveti Sava kao i komemoraciona vecera 7 januara.Pridužite se ...i družite se

Srećen Bozicne Praznike,
Vas Munja
01. јануар 2013. у 09.40
Happy New Year to all friends of Nikola Tesla
01. јануар 2013. у 21.21
LIVE STREAM of The Tesla Memorial Conference & Tesla Spirit Awards Benefit

January 5 - 7, 2013 @ New Yorker Hotel, New York City
The world’s brightest minds, scientists, engineers, alternative energy entrepreneurs, innovation experts, artists and a myriad of Tesla enthusiasts will gather for this 3 day Tesla extravaganza to honor Tesla’s legacy, 70 years since his passing on January 7th, 1943, in the New Yorker Hotel. This unique Tesla forum will include a diverse array of Tesla-related lectures, presentations, discussions and documented evidence of growing interest and recognition of Tesla’s contribution to the 20th and 21st Century.

If you can not attend this event personally - the next best thing is tuning in on the LIVE STREAM , Pay-Per-View.

Details are at: http://www.remembertesla.com
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