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First Manhattan - Then Berlin: Messianist Networks
17. март 2019. у 01.29
First Manhattan - Then Berlin: Messianist Networks Are Driving the World's End

autor Wolfgang Eggert

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But the arm of Messianism reaches far beyond the occupied territories: the Armageddon fanatics have succeeded in rooting deeply in the political affairs of Israel, and the sect has long been setting the tone in the country's small right-wing religious parties In the parliamentary life often form the tip of the Libra, one finds active messianistische representatives also in the changing governments, in the military and in the secret service Even the left is under Endzeitkuratel: „The influence of the Gush on the workers party can not be estimated high enough. They buried their will in several consecutive left-wing cabinets and led the government's hand on important issues, ”reveals Amnon Rubenstein.who has been a member of the Knesset since 1977 as a secularist deputy.


REPUBLIčAN END TIME IDEOLOGY 12 The closeness of fundamentalist Christians to the Republičan Party has been evident since Ronald Reagan's term of office. It was no coincidence that the then US president held the speech in which he described the Soviet Union as the „evil empire” in the eschatological „National Association of Evangelicals”. 63 „Everything Comes Together,” the 64-literary president, open-minded to the Lubavitch cult, told Californian politician James Mill about Ezekiel's Armageddon Prophecy: „It can not be long.” 65 Reagan's staff was known for its „slips.” Let's take Home Secretary James Watt, who came from the Pentecostal apocalyptic sect, who replied to the questionIn a congressional hearing, one should be sparing with natural resources in order to preserve them for future generations: „I do not know how many future generations we can count on until the Lord returns.” At the same time, Reagan's War Minister Caspar Weinberger at Harvard University was asked if he expected the end of the world and, if so, whether the hand of man or God would bring it about. „Weinberger replied that he was familiar with the biblical prophecies:”. and yes, I believe that the world will end - I hope by an act of God - but every day I think that time is running out. „ 67 The American writer Christopher Reed reports that Weinberger even made it clear where Armageddon was going to take place.He called the Israeli village Megiddo, about 25 kilometers southeast of Haifa. Of course, to supervise this heavenly fireworks, a knowledgeable character was needed. So the Pentagon summarily appointed hawkish end-time magician Hai Lindsey as his Middle East advisor. Which does not bode well: Because the fundamentalist, who was also on the payrolls of the Israeli government conjures in his bestseller ”The Late Great Planet Earth„ a by judgment of God to the brink of destruction led world of tomorrow.63 Nancy Gibbs, Apocalypse Now - The Biggest Book Of The Summer Is About The End Of The World It's A Sign OfOur Troubled Times, ”Time Magazine, July 1, 2002 64 That year, when the Rebbe celebrated its 80th birthday,Reagan dedicated the annual National Day of Reflection to him 65 Observer, August 25, 1985. The fact that the White House paid its modest contribution even then by amassing hundreds of millions of dollars a year to Saddam Hussein is largely forgotten today (See Chomsky, Beinin et al., The New World Order and the Gulf War, nevertheless-Verlag, Frankfurt 1992, therein on page 60 the article by Joe! Beinin, The origins of the Gulf War) 66 William Martin, Waiting For The End: The Growing Interest in Apocalyptic Prophecy, Atlantic Monthly, June 1982; George Marsden, Lord of the Interior, Reformed Journal, June 1981 67 Guardian, April 21, 1984 68 The Globe and Mail, 8.October 1984 THE INFLUENCE OF THE HOLY LAND 13 By joining forces with like-minded Jewish networks, the Christian fanatics who have built a lobby in the American television preaching scene have remained a power in the US ever since. When Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu visited Washington in January 1998 for a state visit to President Clinton, he first met with evangelical Christian leaders. The January 22, 1998, Washington Post reported, „Netanyahu, who was pressured by the government to accelerate Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, received a stormy reception ... As the organizer of the event, the” United Voices for Israel „(p. Voices United for Israel), a group of conservative Jews and Christians,which opposes any further Israeli territorial concession to the Palestinians. With the chant ”Not a single centimeter,„ a crowd of 500 people applauded Netanyahu when he was greeted by Reverend Jerry Fat well ... ”In an interview with the post office, Falwell described the West Bank, where Palestinians were building their own state hoping to urge Israel to withdraw from there, he added, „it would be like asking America to relinquish Texas to Mexico for the sake of good relations, which is ridiculous.” Significantly, at a gala dinner in New York in 1980, Falwell was awarded the Vladimir Ze'ev Jabotinsky Medal by Israeli leader Menachem Begin. Jabotinsky,The far-right leader of Revisionist Zionism argued that Jews who were ready to settle Palestine should not be bound by human law, that is, should be prosecuted. At the beginning of 2002, the press threw a spotlight on the cuddle course of the unequal Bible team. „Striving to consolidate its ties with American evangelicals,” the Washington Post wrote, „has embarked on the Israeli government's move to include pre-financed travel to the Holy Land and strategy meetings with the Christian Coalition and other conservative groups. Objective: ... to strengthen grassroots support in the United States. The driven public is the estimated 98 million member colony of American Evangelicals,and especially a sub-branch of this group, the so-called Christian Zionists. This group believes that the Jews are the chosen people of God who have a heavenly overwriting certificate on their embattled land - just as the ”covenant„ described in the first book of the Bible says, but Christian Zionism is more than just His ”AHes-for-Israel„ theology is capable of influencing US foreign policy as sustainably as the Christian
Right has influenced political decision-making through domestic political decision-making. If I noticed that the government or anybody in Congress was moving away from supporting Israel, believe me, then I would get people to pick up the phone and whisper to their legislators. 'Get out of your way, 'said Janet Parshall, who runs a weekly nationally broadcast on evangelical radio stations. ”70 At the same time, the largest US television station CBS dedicated to this phenomenon in the one-hour documentary„ Zion's Christian Soldiers. ” The article impressively proved that the Christian Zionists are as conscious as they are fateful of influencing the Middle East policy of the last superpower. What follows are word and sound contributions to the most well-known representatives of the Armageddon community, ...

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ako danas ne podignete svoj glas protiv armagedon lobija, znajuci da je knjiga otkrivenja zabranjena jedino kod nas pravoslavnih na svetoj liturgiji, jer se njome ne proslavlja Bog, jer ju je napisao ANTIHRIST,

sutra će ovi po toj istoj knjizi da istrebe trećinu covecanstva, već su zahvaljuci isisu presusili eufrat, bolesti isto, i šta sve ne, - upravo po antihristovoj knjizi laznog otkrivenja, protiv koje ako ne ustanete, bicete SAUCESNICI U DJAVOLOVOJ DEPOPULACIJI PLANETE, armagedon lobi će se pravdati da nisu oni napisali bibliju, već je samo sproveli u delo, A KADA SE DESI NUKLEARNA APOKALIPSA, NECETE UZIVATI VISE NA ZEMLJI.
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Reverend Graham made Bush believe what it means to anticipate the second coming of Christ, but it was his friendship with Dr. Tony Evans, pastor of a major church in Dallas and founder of the Promise Keepers movement, sharpened Bush's understanding of how to behave in an apocalyptic era. SR Shearer, head of the end-time press service Antipas Ministries, writes: „Most Promise Keepers leaders represent an end-time doctrine called the American term” Dominionism. „Dominionism describes the temporal seizure of earthly power by the” people of God. „as the only way through which the world can be saved ... That's the eschatology that Bush has internalized; an eschatology that gradually (and easily) brought him to see himself as a representative of God, who was commissioned by him to 'restore God' s control of the earth ', so to speak, as a' chosen tool ', which the Repair everything. ”Shearer calls this megalomania, which is a lute rod from the Lurian Kabbalah, obviously adapted to non-Jews, 78„ Messianic leadership ”- which means that the role assigned to the Messiah was reigned here. 79 Chip Beriet, chief analyst of the liberal American media pool Political Research Associates,is an expert in the field of right-wing religious groups. „Bush is very much at home in the apocalyptic and messianic thinking of militant Christian gospels,” he says. He obviously makes use of their world view, that there is a great struggle between the good and the evil, which is today in the final confrontation. People who share this view often take inappropriate and frightening dangers because they think they are serving God's will. „80” That's why religion is so dangerous in our society, „confirms the popular cabaret artist Bill Mäher in the Larry King Show. ”George Bush is not just a Christian. He is a „born again”, these people await the second coming of Jesus in these our days.And they want everything to be perfect for him. They call this the Rapture. „81 The well-known American author Gore Vidal shares the view that George W. Bush is” an apocalyptic Christian who thinks he will soon go to heaven while the rest of us are going up in flames. „ 82 Professor George Monbiot gives an interesting account of this connection in his column for the British Guardian. Under the headline ”Their views are snubbed, but they are at the center of power - US Christian fundamentalists are pushing Bush's Middle East policy„ We read: ”In the United States, millions of people have succumbed to an extraordinary deception immigrated preachers a series of unconnected Bible passages together to create a seemingly conclusive narrative.Their content: Jesus will return to earth if certain conditions have been fulfilled. The first requirement was the establishment of the State of Israel. The next one says that Israel must occupy the rest of its 'biblical land' and that the Third Temple should be rebuilt on the site occupied today by the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Then the Legions of the Antichrist will march on, and their war will lead to the final showdown in the Valley of Armageddon. The Jews of the Holy Land will either be burned to ashes or converted to Christianity - and the Messiah will return to earth. What makes this story so appealing to Christian fundamentalists is the detail that, before the beginning of the great decisive battle, all 'true believers'lifted from their clothes and carried to heaven in an event called Rapture. The worthy will sit at the right hand of God and have the opportunity to observe from their box seats how their political and religious opponents are destroyed by boils, injuries, locusts and frogs in the ensuing seven-year tribulation period. The true believers are now trying to do all this. This means staging confrontations at the site of the ancient temple (in 2000, three American Christians were expelled from the country for planning to blow up the two mosques at the same place); the support of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories; demanding more and more US aid to Israel;the attempt to provoke a final struggle - with the Muslim world, the axis of evil, the United Nations, the European Union, France or whoever else represents the legions of the Antichrist. ... The people who believe in all this do not believe in it just a little; for them it is a question of life. Among them are some of America's most powerful men.
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from educate-yourself.org

British Israel Uses Christian Fundamentalist Evangelicals to Promote the „Kingdom of God on Earth' Scheme to Deliver Up A One World Society-Both Feudal and Fascist

”British Israel„ is a term used by the anonymous author of a brilliantly written 1970 book titled The Union Jack, to describe the manipulative efforts of elite British oligarchs (on behalf of the Rothchilds) to create a one world feudal society-controlled by British oligarchs of course-by first creating the state of Israel (via the British inspired 1917 Balfour Declaration), and then using Christian fundamentalist propagandists to promote the idea that Christ will physically return to Earth and will rule a ”Kingdom of God on Earth' for a thousand years (the 'Millennium') from His earthly throne in...you guessed it... Jerusalem!

The only problem is, that after million upon millions of deceived Christian fundamentalists passively give up their constitutional liberties, their country's sovereignty, and their freedom in the mistaken belief that the Apocalypse, Armageddon and End Times scenario is an inevitable 'prophecy' from God that must take place before we can be delivered into the Happy world of the New Millennium, they will finally discover that they've been delivered into a satanic, feudal slave society that will no longer tolerate any talk of Christ or Christianity- assuming they are still alive to enjoy the 'Kingdom of God on Earth'.
The frontline promoters and propagandists of the 'Kingdom of God on Earth' scenario include all the well known TV evangelical personalities like ...
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